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I am Petra, a virtual assistant for vegan business owners.

I am focused on helping vegan business owners successfully run and grow their online businesses without burnout.

About me

My online career started a decade ago when I started learning about marketing, social media, growing online communities, customer support, design, copywriting, market research, and everything else needed to create a successful business.

In that time, I co-founded 3 eCommerce brands and sold 30.000+ products.

I love all things social and most importantly, I love making users/customers happy. I will go above and beyond to transform your followers into the most loyal company advocates.

As a vegan, I am passionate about businesses that are working on helping animals and making the world a better place for every being.

What I can do for you

You are passionate about your business but are at the point where you need help if you want to grow and reach more people. Let me help you do the work you don't like, so you can focus on things you LOVE doing. Here's what I can do for you:
- content creation
- managing social media
- email marketing
- customer support
- managing marketing activities
- administrative tasks
- online shop management


current: i founded a website about veganism

I am working on a website about veganism, helping people live without meat and dairy. You can find it here.

current: i write a newsletter

I am writing a newsletter that helps people eat more plants. You can read it here.

current: i'm working on AN ONLINE TOOL FOR MINDFULNESS

I'm building a side project with a goal to help people relax while watching 10 new serene photos in 10 minutes every day. You can find the project here.

past: builT and grEW several e-commerce stores

- conducting market research
- building and managing vibrant communities on social media
- preparing and executing digital marketing activities
- managing projects and leading a team
- planning and executing multiple product launches
- creating, managing, and designing eCommerce stores
- writing product descriptions, blog content, and promo copy
- managing various social channels
- creating and publishing content and engaging with followers
- creating email sequences, newsletters, and promo emails
- creating visuals like logos, banners, promo, and social media materials
- doing customer support

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